JQG7522 30" Range Hood Unique Side-Draft Design for under Cabinet or Wall Mount Modern Kitchen Vent Hood Powerful Motor LED Lights Mechanical Buttons (2. Onyx Black)

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30" Range Hood Unique Side-Draft Design for under Cabinet or Wall Mount

  • ADVANCED SIDE DRAFT FILTRATION – With 90° ALWAYS open baffle plate that helps reduce the spread of cooking fumes or odors and quickly filters up to 6 ft² of space for improved airflow.
  • POWERFUL DUAL MOTORS: With one touch, it will reach 380 Pa velocity with 58dB noise level, as the vent hood efficiently removes cooking fumes, smell from your kitchen.
  • MECHANICAL BUTTONS: With 3 Speed Settings, it is suitable for all kinds of cooking style. It also has a Memory Function, which will keep your preference for air volume.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: Special impeller design in this range hood achieves 92% separation of grease and fumes. All the grease will drip into our large grease tray. Grease tray and filter are easy to remove for cleaning.

30" Range Hood Unique Side-Draft Design

  • Innovation Ability: strongly invests in research & development in order to create great products that improve the quality of life. Re-invests no less than 5% of its annual revenue back into research and development every year. In addition, possesses state-recognized enterprise technology centers, cutting-edge kitchen appliances laboratories, and research institutes in Germany, China, and Japan. As of July 2019, has earned nearly 3000 patents, including more than 2500 utility patents and more than 400 invention patents. Passion for R & D is what drives them to become one of the most innovative kitchen appliance companies in the world.
  • Mission and Vision: mission is to create happiness for hundreds of millions of families around the world. Our vision is to become a great company.


  • 95% Oil Filtration Rate
  • 97% Odor Reduction Rate

Dual-centrifuge Fan System: Two fans working in tandem create turbo centrifugal power for strong, fast suction from a durable metal impeller.

Perfect Balance of Power and Quietness: 54dB/2.64sones low noise. Enjoy powerful suction in the kitchen without loud background noise.


Extra-large Ventilation Area: The 30” hood covers an area of 6 sq. ft. Slanted at a 45° angle, the V Series range hood creates a large ventilation area, drawing in smoke and grease before they can spread. Smoke can no longer escape the power.

Extra-wide Smoke Intake: Nearly as wide as the body of the range hood itself. Ventilation coverage is even from left to right covering so that cooking smoke no longer escape from the sides, covering multi-burner stoves with ease.

90° Always Open Fume Baffle Plate: Prevents smoke from spreading and keeps your kitchen smelling looking and smelling clean.

Mechanical Button Control for ease of use

Folding Oil Filter and Over-sized Oil Cup: Oil filter is foldable and removable so it can be easily cleaned. Over-sized oil cup design features a larger accommodating space that requires cleaning less frequently.

REMINDER: Fume Baffle Plate KEEPS OPEN !!!

Unique Side-draft Wall-Mounted Structure

As the leader of side-draft range hoods, spent 3 years of consumer research deeply understanding the pain of not having a properly working range hood. By launching the V Series Side Draft Range Hood, solved the fundamental problem of extraction. It perfectly covers 4 burners or more with powerful smoke and odor extraction.

90° Smoke Baffle Plate: The baffle plate traps smoke and sucks it away quickly, keeping you free from inhaling smoke, and grease coming into contact with your skin.

Powerful Light

With a brightness of up to 500 lux covering 6 sf of cooking area, you can easily see what you are cooking.

Installed Either Under-cabinet or in Chimney Style: Matches with different kitchen styles both in under-cabinet and chimney.

6 Inches Duct Hole (must cut a duct hole equal to or larger than 6 inches)

Easy to install by Manual Guide!

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