HUGO Battery Backup for Tankless Hot Water Heater & Gas Appliances - Backup Battery Power Supply with Flow & Temperature Sensors - IP54 Weatherproof, Waterproof, Anti-Freeze - Emergency Charging Unit

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Battery Backup for Tankless Hot Water Heater & Gas Appliances - IP54 Weatherproof, Waterproof, Anti-Freeze

  • Stay Ready For Outages - Enjoy hot showers at home even during power outages. When fully charged, our backup battery can supply up to 14 hours of continuous hot water flow or up to 7 days of regular usage for your tankless water heater during blackouts.
  • Made For Tankless Water Heaters - Thanks to an innovative flow sensor, our power supply only starts converting DC to AC when you turn on your faucet or shower. This way, it doesn't drain the battery when not in use.
  • Protected Against Freezing - Face the winter season with peace of mind. This battery backup power supply features a temperature sensor that maintains power output at 37°F or lower. This ensures that the tankless water heater's anti-frost turns on during a power outage or when the atmospheric temperature nears freezing condition.
  • Built For Year-Round Use - Our backup power supply is rated IP54, which means that it is protected against water, dust, or sand. It may be safely used outdoors or placed near water sources.
  • Customer Satisfaction - Our power backup is covered by a 1-year warranty. An additional 3-year warranty is also available to purchase. If you have any questions, our team will be happy to help at any time.

Tankless Water Heater Battery Backup

Are Power Outages Leaving You Shivering Under Cold Showers?

Your tankless water heating system provides you with an endless stream of hot water for taking showers or washing your hands. But what happens when you experience a sudden power outage? Your household is left with no choice but to use frigid water.

The good news is that it doesn't always have to be that way. With our heavy-duty battery backup in place, you can keep your home supplied with hot water through power disruptions.

The Battery Backup for Tankless Water Heaters lets you enjoy the comfort of hot water even while the power is out.

Keep The Hot Water Flowing

Install the Battery Backup to serve as a backup energy source for your tankless water heating system during unexpected blackouts.

If your household uses hot water for 1 hour every day, can supply your home with up to 7 days of hot water usage or up to 13 hours of direct vent heating. This backup battery automatically activates as fast as 8ms after the main power goes out.

If a power outage occurs while you are in the shower, keeps your tankless water heater running continuously without restarting.

Conserves Energy

Unlike traditional UPS systems, won’t fizzle out just a couple of hours after the lights blink out.

Optimized for performance, our power supply only starts converting DC to AC once your faucet or showerhead is turned on, thanks to a patent-pending flow sensor.

Its sealed lead acid battery is easily replaced. If you’re expecting a season of intermittent power or supplying a small business, you can parallel batteries together for longer runtime.

Withstands Cold Weather

Heat exchangers inside your tankless water heater can freeze during the wintertime. This can lead to property damage and costly repairs.

Our backup power supply features an integrated temperature sensor. During a power outage and with the flow sensor activated, the temperature sensor forces the backup battery to run at 37°F or lower. By doing so, keeps your tankless water heater's anti-frost running even when temperatures drop

Here Are More Reasons To Love Our Backup Power Supply:

Built Tough

You can count on it to hold well against the elements, as well as daily wear and tear. It is given an IP54 rating, and is designed to withstand sandblasting, water splashes, or extreme heat or cold.

Thanks to its waterproof enclosure, this portable power supply may be used outdoors or installed near water sources. LED indicator lights let you know right away if the backup battery is functioning properly or malfunctioning.

Designed For Safety

Your safety is always our top priority.

Compatible with most tankless water heater brands and is manufactured while adhering to the strictest UL1012 quality standards.

It houses a built-in fuse to prevent board burnout. Its Pure Sine Wave output protects connected appliances at all times.

This backup power supply is also well-guarded against grid power surges, battery over-discharging, short circuits, or energy overloads.

Power Up Your Devices

More than just a backup battery for your tankless water heating system, can also double as an emergency energy source for other gas appliances and small electronics.

is rated for 350W. Simply unplug the temp/flow port in front of the inverter. Charge it and take it with you on outdoor trips, or use it to power up your smartphone, laptop, CPAP machine, tablet, modem, convector heater, or stove if you find yourself amidst an unexpected power outage.

Compatible with most tankless water heater manufacturers, such as Rinnai, Navien, Rheem, Noritz, and more.

Product Specifications:

Input Voltage 120Vac
Maximum Output Rating 500Va / 350W
Battery Mode Output Voltage 113 - 117V
Battery - Sealed Lead Acid 12V / 38Ah
Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Grid power surge protection When grid power is less than 92V or greater than 138V, automatically transfers to battery mode
Protection Overload, short-circuit, battery over charge/discharge
Transfer time (AC/DC) 15 ms
Weight 45 lbs
Dimension (W x D x H) 14 x 12 x 9
Brass flow sensor 3/4" NPT male thread on both ends
Standard flow sensor 3/4" BSP (G) male thread on both ends
Push-fitting adapter 3/4" female NPT to shark-bite
Flow sensor wire length 78 inches
Temperature sensor wire length 78 inches
Power cable length 68 inches

Tankless water heater, wall furnaces, and conv runtime reference table:

V65i / V65e 6:40 / 8:53 hrs
V75i / V75e 6:40 / 8:53 hrs
RL75i / RL 75e 6:40 / 8:53 hrs
RL94i / RL94e / RL94Xi 5:13 / 7:47 / 5:13 hrs
RUCS65i/RUS65e/RUCS75i/RUS75e 5:41 / 8:18 hrs
RU130i/RU130e 13:20 / 14:05 hrs
RU160i/RU160e 9:45 / 10:20 hrs
RU199i/RU199e 6:02 / 6:16 hrs
RUR160i/RUR160e 2:53/2:55 hrs
RUR199i/RUR199e 2:26 / 2:28 hrs
EX08CT/EX11CT 8:14 / 7:31 hrs
EX17CT/EX22CT 7:02 / 4:40 hrs
EX38CT 2:15 hrs
FC510/FC824 18:19 / 11:24 hrs

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