ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K Live Production Switcher with 6Ft Power Cord and 5 Pack of Solid Signal Cable Ties (SWATEMTVSTU/PRO4K)

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ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K Live Production Switcher

  • FEATURE RICH: 8 independent 12G-SDI inputs with re-sync and full standards conversion, DVE, Fairlight audio mixer with parametric EQ and compressor/limiter, media store with motion clips, talkback, multiview and more.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Built in with camera control. Software panel included. Supports optional broadcast panel. Compatible with ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel, ATEM 2 M/E Advanced Panel and ATEM 4 M/E Advanced Panel. ATEM Software Control Panel included free for Mac 10.12 Sierra or Mac 10.13 High Sierra or later and Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64?bit.
  • INPUTS: 8 X BNC, 12G/HD/SD-SDI; 2 x 3-Pin XLR, Audio; 1 x BNC, Reference; 1 x RJ-45, Ethernet; 1 x USB 2.0 Type B.
  • OUTPUTS: 8 x BNC, 12G/HD/SD-SDI; 1 x BNC, Auxiliary; 1 x BNC, Program; 1 x BNC, MultiView; 1 x HDMI Type A, MultiView; 1 x 1/4" Stereo Headphone; 1 x D-Sub, RS-422.
  • INCLUDES: ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K Live Production Switcher (SWATEMTVSTU/PRO4K), 6ft black power cord and 5-pack of Solid Signal Cable Ties.

Product Description

Get all the powerful features of the ATEM Television Studio built into a full control panel based design. All the same controls and buttons from the small miniature sized model are also included on the integrated models so you can move between switchers without retraining. The controls have been designed to be fast to use and easy to learn, and we feel even inexperienced broadcasters can use these switchers without reading the instructions!

ATEM Television Studio switchers are the fastest and most affordable way to create incredible programs immediately from live events! They are perfect for broadcasters, professional sports, concerts, seminars, or even the new emerging generation of web broadcasters using platforms such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live and You can switch between multiple cameras, game consoles and computers in real time, all with broadcast quality transitions, graphics and effects! Both models feature clean professional switching so there’s never a glitch when changing sources. That means you can even use it as a front end controller for your AV system and switch between multiple sources with the press of a button!

Source Buttons

The 8 illuminated buttons for each input show red when the source is on air and green when selected on preview. Use the cut button for instant switching or the auto button to use transitions such as a wipe, dissolve or DVE transition.

Audio Control

There are two buttons and audio meters on the front panel for each input. The on button lets you add any source’s audio to your program, even when another video source is live. The AFV buttons let the audio follow video as you switch between sources.

Bright LCD Screen

Monitor video, audio levels and see the current audio level being adjusted. The LCD also has menus for all switcher settings.

Menu Buttons and Spin Knob

The spin knob control, menu and set buttons work together with the LCD to give you fast access to all switcher settings, graphics in your media pool, aux output settings, transitions and effects, and more.

Creative Transitions

Choose from an incredible range of transitions including cut, mix, dip and wipe patterns. ATEM Television Studio makes every transition instantly available and gives you full control over type, pattern, length and more. There’s no limit to the combination of exciting effects, and because it’s so easy to use, you’ll be able to create the perfect ‘on air’ style for your production in minutes!

Downstream Keyers

ATEM Television Studio includes 2 downstream keyers so you can add high quality graphics like logos, bugs, and titles from the built in media players over the live ‘on air’ program output! Downstream keyers are the last layers of keying so they overlay all video switched to the main program output.


See all of your sources simultaneously on a single display! Multiview makes it easy to see your sources, graphics, preview and program outputs on a single screen so you don’t need separate monitors for your individual cameras. You get HDMI and SDI multiview outputs so you can connect professional broadcast SDI monitors, or even low cost consumer HDTV sets!

SDI Rates 270Mb, 1.5G, 3G 270Mb, 1.5G, 3G 1.5G, 3G, 6G, 12G
SDI Video Inputs 4 x 10-bit SD/HD switchable, 2 channel embedded audio 4 x 10-bit SD/HD switchable, 2 channel embedded audio 8 x 10-bit HD/UHD switchable, 2 channel embedded audio
HDMI Video Inputs 4 x HDMI type A, 10-bit SD/HD switchable, 2 channel embedded audio 4 x HDMI type A, 10-bit SD/HD switchable, 2 channel embedded audio None
SDI Program Outputs 5 x 10-bit SD/HD switchable 5 x 10-bit SD/HD switchable 9 x 10-bit HD/UHD switchable
MutiView Outputs (SDI / HDMI) 1 / 1 1 / 1 1 / 1
SDI Audio Outputs 2 Ch embedded into SDI output 2 Ch embedded into SDI output 2 Ch embedded into SDI output
Total Audio Inputs 2 x XLR 2 x XLR 2 x XLR
Total Audio Outputs 1 x Headphone 1 x Headphone 1 x Headphone

Technical Specifications

HD Video Standards 720p50, 720p59.94 1080p23.98, 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p29.97, 1080p50, 1080p59.94 1080i50, 1080i59.94
Ultra HD Video Standards 2160p23.98, 2160p24, 2160p25, 2160p29.97, 2160p50, 2160p59.94
SDI Compliance 292M and 424M, 2081, 2082
Video Sampling/Color Precision 4:2:2 10‑bit
Audio Mixer 12 input x 2 channel mixer. Selectable On/Off/Audio-Follow-Video per channel plus separate gain control per channel. Level and Peak metering. Plus new Fairlight audio enhancements: Compressor, Gate, Limiter, 6 bands of parametric EQ. Delay line and Stereo Synthesizer on the XLR inputs only. Master gain control. Headphone output level control with separate mix of Program, Talkback and Sidetone.
Upstream / Downstream Keyers 1 / 2
Chroma / Linear, Luma Keyers 1 / 3
Talkback Support Built in, uses aviation headset.
Mix Minus Support Yes, on 8 camera PGM outputs.
Total Number of Layers 5
Pattern / Color Generators 2 / 2
Multiview Monitoring (UltraHD) 1 x 10 Views
Media Players 2, with non volatile flash memory. Media pool capacity of20 still images (PNG, TGA, BMP, GIF, JPEG and TIFF) with fill and key
Control Panel Built in with camera control. Software panel included. Supports optional broadcast panel.
Physical Specifications L x W: 16.65 in x 11.89 in

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