Basement/Crawlspace Dehumidifiers 198 PPD (Saturation), 90 Pints (AHAM), 5 Years Warranty, Condensate Pump, Auto Defrosting, Rare Earth Alloy Tube Evaporator, Remote Control (Optional)

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Basement/Crawlspace Dehumidifiers, Condensate Pump, Auto Defrosting

  • 👍Energy Star Certified Dehumidifier: Quickly and effectively removes moisture with less energy than conventional dehumidifiers without racking up your energy bill, saving the money. It will be the best crawl space/basement dehumidifier you will ever use. Remove 90 pints per day at AHAM condition, 198 Pint at saturation, up to 2,600 sq. ft, fit for any basement, crawl space, storage areas, garage, large room, or commercial use.
  • 👍 Heavy Duty Condensate Pump: When removing large amounts of moisture, the condensate pump keeps the dehumidifier running smoothly and efficiently by continuously pushing collected water out of the area. Optional Remote Control – This professional dehumidifier is designed with the remote monitoring function, making this unit ideal for places where remote sensing and controlling are required. It is also a good choice for sound insulation and saving space usage.
  • 👍Automatic Defrost: A quick and efficient defrosting process, truly makes the dehumidifier able to work at a low temperature (36 degrees Fahrenheit). If frost is detected on the coils, an automatic defrost cycle runs to avoid frost build-up and issues associated with that build-up. It makes the unit work continuously and efficiently without periodic stopping during the defrosting process, saving energy and making the unit last longer.
  • 👍Save on Costs, Dehumidifier: An investment in crawl space/basement comfort can be paid back by a few years' energy savings. You can save up to $250 per year in energy costs with dehumidifiers working for their families! Once you can maintain a consistent RH of 50 %, no need to keep the thermostat at low, uncomfortable temperatures once used to control humidity.
  • 👍 5 Years Warranty-energy efficient & safety tested: Our dehumidifier is energy star certified and is fully compliant with the electrical safety ETL. Every dehumidifier comes with a 5-year warranty with a professional customer support team ready to assist at any time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, you deserve the best after-sales service.

Crawl Space/Basement Dehumidifier


The dehumidifiers help reduce excess moisture, protect your home. Excessive moisture in the home can result in unpleasant odors, damage home fixtures, and cost the homeowner money and time. 


  • AUTO OPERATION: Turns on and off Automatically.
  • AUTO DEFROST: Prevents Coils from Freezing.
  • MEMORY RESTART: Lose Power? Picks Up Where it Left Off.

What makes us great?

High-Performance, Updated Compact Design - That most dehumidifiers are clunky eyesores is news to nobody.

The maximum moisture extraction, of up to 198 pints per day (90 PPD AHAM), Energy Star Efficiency, at the lowest running cost.

This dehumidifier is much smaller and more compact than the conventional basement size dehumidifiers on the market. Measuring at only 23.2" (D) x 15.2" (W) x 17.7" (H), it allows for more flexibility with transportation, placement, and storage.

Ideal for residential, commercial work and suitable for households, crawl space, basements, warehouses, offices, industrial institutions, etc.

  • Air Flow: 210 CFM, 350 CMH
  • Power: 115V, 60Hz; Super COP: 2.69 L/Kwh
  • Sound Pressure Level: <58 dB(A)
  • Feet: Adjustable feet
  • Draining: Condensate Pump
  • Capacity: 198 PPD at Saturation, 90 PPD at AHAM. Size for: Up to 2,600 Sq.Ft.
  • Functioning Temperature Range: 33.8~104 ℉
  • Functioning Humidity Range: 36~90%

Key Design Features

Precise Intuitive Control Panel

Power Key, Arrow Buttons, Continuous Mode, Humidity Display

SET IT AND FORGET IT. It shuts off when it reaches its set humidity level but will kick back on when the humidity raises back up.

Auto operation: Turns ON and OFF Automatically.

Memory restart: Lose Power? Picks Up Where it Left Off.

Auto Defrost Technology

Auto Defrost: Should frost form on the internal components in lower temperatures, the unit will automatically activate its auto-defrost feature and will turn off the compressor and continue to run the fan, which allows this dehumidifier to operate successfully in temperatures down to 33.8°F.

Auto Restart: The commercial dehumidifier has an auto-restart function that restarts your unit after a power failure.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Filter Access: The high-dense MERV-1 filter protects internal components from damage due to dust and other particles ensuring efficient operation and long-term use. Please replace the filter once per 2-3 months.

Rare Earth Alloy Tube Evaporator: To avoid Freon leakage, a fatal flaw for a dehumidifier, AlorAir has introduced Rare Earth Alloy Tube Evaporator. This innovative feature extends the life of the coils by providing protection against, maintaining the coil’s heat transferability.


Basement/Crawler Space Dehumidifiers Will Solve Your Moisture and Humidity Problems!

Water removal per day (80°F-60%) 90 PPD 90 PPD
Water removal per day (max. at saturation) 198 PPD 198 PPD
Power (115v) 5.56 A 5.56 A
Outlet Airflow (max.) 210 CFM, 350 CMH 210 CFM, 350 CMH
Condensate Pump
Dimensions (L×W×H) 23.2×15.2×17.7 in 23.2×15.2×17.7 in
Size for 2,600 sq.ft 2,600 sq.ft
Power 115V, 60Hz 115V, 60Hz

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