Chilisleep Cube Sleep System - ME and WE Zones - Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad - Individual Temperature Control, Great Sleep Enhancement, Wireless Remote Integration (Queen (80" L X 60" W))

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Chilisleep Cube Sleep System ME And WE Zones Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad Individual Temperature Control, Great Sleep Enhancement, Wireless Remote Integration 

  • Includes New Chili pad Cool Mesh Pad. Easy to Install, Remove, and Clean. Reversible Sides for Custom Comfort - Breathable Mesh Knit for Optimal Cooling Benefit (100% Polyester), Or Soft Quilted Side for All-season Comfort (52% Cotton / 48% Polyester Woven Blend).
  • ACTIVE COOLING: Our Cube Sleep System’s Chili Cool Mesh Pad cools your body at night to help you stay asleep and wake up rested. Utilizing a water-based technology to regulate the surface temperature of your existing mattress, the sleep system circulates water throughout the pad, cooling you while you sleep. For the precise temperature you want, adjust the sleep system from 55 to 115F (13-46C). [*Not meant to replace conventional A/C. Peak operating performance can be affected by ambient temperature and humidity.]
  • IMPROVED SLEEP: Sleep cooler all night long at a precise temperature to achieve the deep sleep you need to feel rested and restored. The Cube’s active temperature-management technology provides you with the most comfortable sleeping environment for quality and restorative sleep.
  • COOL MESH AND DUAL ZONE: The Cool Mesh side of the cooling mattress pad provides maximum cooling effect, while the quilted cotton-blend side produces cool comfort. Cover half the bed with a ME pad (single) or an entire bed with the WE pad (dual zone), which provides the ability to temperature regulate each side independently.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Create your ideal body’s ideal sleep environment with a thermostat for your bed. Use the wireless remote to set a precise sleep temperature. You can even set or change your bed temperature without having to get out of bed.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The pad connector can be placed at either end of your mattress to accommodate multiple bed frame styles, power source locations, and control unit access. Elastic straps allow the mattress pad to fit any mattress height, and the ME pad even works on split adjustable beds. The cooling mattress pad is 100% machine washable and dryable.

Product Description

A thermostat for your bed

Our Active Cooling Sleep System is an easy way to change your sleep, no pills, no will power needed. Cooling is the ultimate hack to get sleep. Whether you have 6 hours or 8, when you get the quality sleep you need, your body will have the time it needs to rest, allowing you to wake up restored.

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Hydro-powered precision

Water circulates through the Cool Mesh mattress pad at your preferred temperature to provide you with the perfect sleep environment.

Active cooling

The Cube’s active cooling technology keeps your bed at the perfect temperature all night. It offers a range from 55-115°F/13-46°C,

On-device temperature controls

The Cube allows you to control your bed temperature with accessible on-device buttons.

Set it and forget it!

Perfect for people who want a single temperature all night.

Learn More!

  1. Fall asleep faster and sleep better

    Cool sleep = better sleep. Science tells us sleeping cold helps us sleep good and long. The Cube Sleep System cools your bed, allowing you to sleep better each night. Get better sleep from night 1.

  2. Avoid Night Sweats

    We make sleeping hot a thing of the past. When you get cooler sleep you get better sleep. Banish that sweaty sleep so you can wake up restored & refreshed, each day.

  3. Improved Muscle Recovery

    Recovery and quality sleep are key to wellness. We can help make sleep a vital part of your training routine. Double your deep sleep, experience faster muscle recovery so you can perform at your best.

  4. Increased deep & REM sleep

    High-quality REM sleep lays the foundation for positive outcomes in daily life such as problem-solving, positive mood, memory, creativity, and effective stress management.

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