48,000 Grain High Efficiency Digital Whole House Water Softener - Advanced Series

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48,000 Grain High Efficiency Digital Whole House Water Softener System- Advanced Series

  • Digital Meter Head Control Valve: Automatic bypass, ceramic disk technology, LCD display with electric plug in, and improved features
  • Complete Water Softener System: Each system includes a brine tank, a pre-filled mineral tank with 1.5 cubic feet of Cation Resin, a control valve with automatic bypass, 3/4-inch water line connections, brine tubing, drain line, and mechanical components necessary for standard installation to pre-installed water softener connections. Homes plumbed with PEX or CPVC supply tubing may require the use of compression fittings, that can be purchased separately.
  • Scale Reduction: Protects fixtures, pipes, and appliances from harmful scale. Prevents damage from hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium buildup. Enhances the effectiveness of soaps and detergents to keep skin soft, hair shiny, and laundry bright.
  • Smart Space Saving Design: Its unique precision turbine meter is incorporated in the system bypass valve saving over 4 feet of floor space. Includes 10 x 54 Inch Mineral Tank & 15 x 34 Inch Brine Tank.
  • Whole House Performance: Improves water quality throughout your entire home.

Water Softener System

A traditional salt-based water softener system is comprised of a mineral tank and a brine tank. It is typically installed in a plumbing system at the point that water enters a home. This can also be referred to as “Point of Entry” (potential link). Using a process called ‘ion exchange’, the softener trades the hard water minerals for sodium. The mineral tank is filled with small polystyrene beads, also known as resin. The beads carry a negative ionic charge. The primary minerals in hard water, calcium, and magnesium, both carry positive charges. These minerals cling to the negatively charged beads as the hard water passes through the mineral tank. The brine tank uses common salt (sodium) to create a brine solution. Sodium ions also have positive charges, but not as strong a charge as either calcium or magnesium. When the brine solution is flushed through the system tank it comes into contact with the polystyrene beads, now saturated with calcium and magnesium. Once the beads are saturated, the unit enters a 3-phase regenerating cycle. First, a “backwash” phase reverses water flow to flush dirt out of the tank. Second, a “recharge” phase carries the concentrated sodium-rich salt solution from the brine tank through the mineral tank. The sodium collects on the beads, replacing the calcium and magnesium, which are flushed down the drain. Lastly, the mineral tank is flushed or “regenerated”, eliminating excess brine and the brine tank is refilled. Most popular water softeners have an automatic regenerating system. The most basic type has an electric timer that flushes, recharges or “regenerates” the system on a regular schedule.

"United States Water Hardness Map"

Example: a family of 4 with 20 grains of hardness: Your family of 4 will use approx. 300 gallons of water per day (4 people x 75 gallons per person). Since the water has 20 grains of hardness, you'll need to treat 6,000 grains of hardness per day (300 X 20). Water treatment capacity = (48,000 x .75) divided by 20 = 1,800. Your system will regenerate after about 6 days (1,800/300). ((48,000 grain capacity x 75% capacity)/ 6,000 grains per day).

Grains of Hardness

What Does 48,000 Grains Mean?

When a water softener is referring to 'grains' it's talking about how many grains of hardness it can process before regenerating. Grains of hardness processed depends on how large your household is, as well as how hard your water actually is. Our Tier1 Water Softener can process up to 48,000 grains of hardness before it's regeneration cycle.

  • Mineral Tank Size: 10 X 54"
  • Cubic Feet of Resin in the Mineral Tank: 1.5
  • How much is the Max. Hardness of the Water (in GPG)? During set-up, the customer can input there family size and water hardness, this will be used to determine regeneration cycle.
  • How much is the max. Clear Water Iron Removal (ppm)? An iron filter is recommended for iron levels above 0.3ppm.
  • Is it Demand Initiated or Timed? The WS-165-150-BLK is demand initiated, the control valve features a water use probe (propeller)
  • How long does the Regeneration take? Two hours
  • How much Salt does it hold? 100L square brine tank with grid and well
  • Does it have an indicator to notify me about low salt? No

Key Features

Flow Rate (GPM): 11.2

  • Operating Pressure (psi): 20 - 120
  • Operating Temperature (°F): 40 - 120
  • Fully adjustable cycle times
  • The Automatic Bypass Digital Control Valve features ceramic disk technology
  • No disruption to water service during the regeneration cycle
  • Reliable, precise, and easy to operate
  • User-friendly LCD display shows pertinent information
  • Clear and concise verbiage with no confusing codes or symbols to remember
  • Features time saving quick connections for easy installation and Maintenance

Why Choose a Water Softener?

Prevents Limescale Build-up

Hard water (calcium & magnesium) is a common problem for many homeowners and businesses. When hardness minerals are combined with heat it forms troublesome scale. Scale causes costly build-up in your plumbing, water heater, and other water using appliances. When combined with soap, the minerals for soap scum that makes skin dry and itchy, hair lifeless, laundry dull, and builds up on fixtures.

Softer Water Benefits

  • Silky shiny hair
  • Soft supple skin
  • Crystal clear dishes & glassware
  • Bright whites, vibrant colors
  • Easier cleaning
  • Use less soap
  • Protect plumbing & appliances
  • Extend life of laundry

Dedicated Support Team

  • US based english and spanish speaking customer support
  • High quality, knowledgeable staff
  • Reputable brand
  • Designed with our customers in mind
Automatic ByPass Valve
Manual ByPass Valve
48,000 Grain Capacity
Brine Tank Included
3/4 Inch Connection

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