WINDEK Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter with Action Camera Mount Dual Motor 40M Waterproof for Water Sports Swimming Pool & Diving & Snorkeling & Sea Adventures

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Underwater Scooter with Action Camera Mount Dual Motor 40M Waterproof for Water Sports

  • DUAL-MOTOR: The world’s FIRST DUAL-MOTOR underwater scooter. Innovative design features the perfect combination of propulsion and stability. Private family time in the pool! Now even the kids can have a great time for some fancy swimming styles. Great way to have a fun sport time when staying at home.
  • POWERFUL BATTERY: With the 30 mins battery life by the 11000 mAh battery, rest assure to use the product freely. The DOUBLE thrusters is able to release 8 kgf thrust to explore the world underwater. Propel at speeds up to 1.5 m/s ( 3.36 mph ) , a record of the women’s 100 m breaststroke world champion.
  • SAFE: Not only we designed a floater to achieve zero buoyancy, we also designed the propellers to have a safe protective net, preventing fingers from accidental injury. The industry leading sealing and waterproofing technology also guaranteed for the best user experience, which allows the deepest range at 40 m ( 131 ft ).
  • CONVENIENT: Small in size but with large energy. The total weight of 3.5 kgs makes it easy for everyone to carry. Only 20% of the size of conventional DPVs in both size and weight. FAA compliant batteries also allows easy to swap spare batteries.
  • COMPATIBLE: Universal interface, compatible with almost ALL action cameras in the market, allows you to record everything under water in the most direct view.
  • The battery of underwater product is waterproof if it is setup correctly to accord with the user manual. However, battery compartment is not watertight seal design, so water get in there is under normal circumstance. Water in the battery compartment would NOT damage the battery or the product.

Product Description

A Must-have for Your Family's Scuba Trips

  • The closest experience you can have to flying. It is a leisurely activity that is absolutely invigorating, providing all the thrills of a daredevil pursuit.
  • The sublue sea scooter is lightweight and easily portable. It has a reliable, long-lasting battery.If you enjoy documenting your underwater excursions, your sea scooter needs to have a camera mount so you can shoot those breathtaking underwater photos.

Sublue Comparison Table

Weight(lb) 7.72 7.82 6.61 14.33 10 10 10
Size (inch) 18.3*9*9 18.3*9*9 13.97*5.3*5.3 21.37*13.97*6.6 21.65*4.76*5.3 19.13*12.87*6.96 19.13*12.87*6.96
Speed 1.5m/s Low1.2m/s High1.8m/s Low1.1m/s High1.4m/s Low1.6m/s High2m/s Low0.6m/s High1m/s Low1m/s High2m/s Low1m/s High2m/s
Endurance time 30mins 30-60mins 30-45mins 30-45mins 30mins 30-60mins 30-60mins
Control Two-hand Two-hand Two-hand Two-hand Two-hand One-hand or two-hand One-hand or two-hand
Depth 40M 40M 20M 20M Surface of water 40M 40M
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